What’s up: Istanbul
by HG Masters

An article on the “generational divide in some of the exhibitions that are on view in Istanbul at the moment” in ArtAsiaPacific.
About me | you: “Perhaps it’s no wonder that younger artists are focused on something else entirely: themselves. Merve Ertufan (b. 1985) and Johanna Adebäck (b. 1982), who have made collaborative works since 2009 for a project called “me | you” showed Compliments, in which, on two adjacent screens, the pair are seen exchanging kind words about one another. The words are generally flattering but their faces convey emotions that range from loving to insincere. It’s surprisingly entertaining to watch them as they struggle to invent and formulate so many consecutive compliments. As they grow weary, they reach further back into their memories. Some of the compliments are backhanded, like Johanna’s to Merve, when she tells her that she’s such a good dancer that at parties she makes other people feel uncomfortable. As the viewer, you don’t know anything about this relationship (whether it’s romantic or just very intense) but you do sense its emotional complexity, how admiration and competition commingle, how friendship can even seem like aggression.”

For full text: http://artasiapacific.com/Blog/WhatsUpIstanbul

Photo by AAP.

Photo by AAP.

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