The Unanswered Question. Iskele 2
7/09 – 03/11/2013, we are participating in the exhibition The Unanswered Question. Iskele 2  at TANAS and NBK (Berlin/Germany) curated by René Block.

“Since 2009 Johanna Adebäck and Merve Ertufan have been collaborating on their project ‘me | you’. As a collective they probe both searchingly and playfully the foundation and development of their interpersonal and professional relationship. In the process, the different ethnic origins of the two artists and their associated cultural categorizations become the object of study. Sociopolitical patterns of behavior and interaction are also at the center of their video performance ‘Compliments’. In a simultaneous projection the viewers face the two artists, who compliment each other in turn. Over the space of an hour, the dialogue of the two women passes through phases of friendly affection to aggressively heightened provocation. In this experiment both the psychological dynamics of interpersonal communication and the quality of their facial expressions and language are explored and pushed to their limits as conveyors of meaning.”
Click here to visit TANAS’ webpage

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