What’s up: Istanbul
by HG Masters

An article on the “generational divide in some of the exhibitions that are on view in Istanbul at the moment” in ArtAsiaPacific.
About me | you: “Perhaps it’s no wonder that younger artists are focused on something else entirely: themselves. Merve Ertufan (b. 1985) and Johanna Adebäck (b. 1982), who have made collaborative works since 2009 for a project called “me | you” showed Compliments, in which, on two adjacent screens, the pair are seen exchanging kind words about one another. The words are generally flattering but their faces convey emotions that range from loving to insincere. It’s surprisingly entertaining to watch them as they struggle to invent and formulate so many consecutive compliments. As they grow weary, they reach further back into their memories. Some of the compliments are backhanded, like Johanna’s to Merve, when she tells her that she’s such a good dancer that at parties she makes other people feel uncomfortable. As the viewer, you don’t know anything about this relationship (whether it’s romantic or just very intense) but you do sense its emotional complexity, how admiration and competition commingle, how friendship can even seem like aggression.”

For full text: http://artasiapacific.com/Blog/WhatsUpIstanbul

Photo by AAP.

Photo by AAP.

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Ward Robe in Spare Oom
1/03 – 22/03/2013, we are participating in the exhibition Ward Robe in Spare Oom at Gallery 1:10 (at Galleri Verkligheten)  (Umeå/Sweden).
Click here to visit Gallery 1:10’s website
Click here to visit Galleri Verkligheten’s website

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Eski itirazlar, yeni itiraflar*
A review on the Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment, by Fatih Özgüven (published on 03/02/2013 on Radikal).
*Old objections, new confessions (translated by M. Ertufan)


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On Envy, Enmity and Embarrassment
A review of Envy, Enmity and Embarrassment on SANATATAK.
Click here for the article


Photo by Murat Germen.

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Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment
24/01 – 07/04/2013, we are participating at Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment in Arter, Space for Art (Istanbul/Turkey).
Click here to visit Arter’s website

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Video Screening at Totalkunst Gallery
07/08 – 21/08/2011, we are participating at I Am Not A Poet. 2 weeks festival by Totalkunst Gallery and VerySmallKitchen. They will be screening Repeaters on the 17th-19th of August.
Click here to visit Totalkunst Gallery website
Click here to visit verysmallkitchen.com

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me | you: 31/03/2010
Video, 0:19:35 / 2011

31/03/2010 takes the structural investigation on our interaction on another level with the use of psychoactive drug: alcohol. Alcohol plays a significant role in many social interactions; and due to its neurological effects lifts many personal restrains, allowing certain innate patterns to disclose. It starts out as an experiment, and manages to highlight an intense power struggle between the two of us.

Please contact us to view the video.

Johanna: “Ok, I’ve won two- twice before, and now if you want to give up, I’m the winner. Ok?”
Merve: “No.”
J: “Why no? You’re pulling out the liquor-”
M: “You’re never the winner.”
J: “Why am I not- never the winner?”
M: “You’re never the winner.”
J:“Because I’m meaner than you, waa- you think- you think”
J: “Merve you think you’re such a nice person and you’re the same person that- than me. But it’s just that you are whining a lot and that you are weak, Ok?”
M: “I’m going to puke-”
J: “No, you’re not going to puke.”
M: “I’m really going to puke.”
J: “You are? Do you want me to follow you to the toilet? Oh, come on honey…”
J: “Come come…”

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